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3x2 inch ad or coupon - $100 for one press run.  See examples of ads, some created by The P.E.R.K. team (for no extra charge) in the copy to the right.  

Add virtual advertising to your purchase! Talk to our ad personnel for more details.  

Click On Examples:

Larger spaces are also available.  See example with prices to the right. 

Buying in bulk saves you money.  Talk to our ad personnel for more details.  

Promotion Examples:

Christmas Gift Give Away -  Businesses provided winnings and were a ballot drop off point. Patrons were given more chances to win each time they visited each place of business.  An example is located on the right.

Christmas Church Service Insert - Churches, for a minimal fee, were able to advertise their service times in the December issue.  An example insert it located on the right.  

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