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 Advertising - Tailored to your business 

 Wide Audience 

With a press run of 5,000 copies and growing, we reach a wide audience. All of the copies are distributed to various businesses in town, including coffee shops, retail stores, employers and more. This means that your ad could reach a wide range of audiences.

 Brings Customers In 

Throughout the year, the Perk offers promotions that drive customers into your place of business.  All you need to do is invite the extra customers in.  Click here to find out more about advertising and promotions. 

 Free Ad Design 

If you need an advertisement designed, just let us know. Our designers will create an ad that fit around your needs. All you need to do is let us know what you want, and we will make sure that your ad is tailored to you. All at no extra cost to your business.

 Extra 'Perks' 

Throughout the year, receive bonus benefits, just for advertising with the Perk. Some perks may include free ads on our Facebook page or get a free ad in one of our press runs. This is just one of our ways of saying thanks.

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